Heat Transfer vinyl

Heat Transfer vinyl


The process of Heat Transfer is straight forward and cost effective.  After a design has been colour separated digitally through our software, a vinyl cutter machine cuts the design directly into the material.

Our production team members then peel any excess vinyl away and prepare the transfer for printing.

The next step in the process is placing the garment on one of our professional grade Hotronix heat presses. After giving the garment a pre-press to remove any excess moisture or wrinkles, the transfer is lined up on the garment using our laser alignment system for a perfect, straight placement every time. The design is then heat sealed into the garment at between 280-330° celsius. After the garment has cooled off, any carrier material is removed and the process is complete. The high quality Premium Plus™ vinyl that we use is rated to last at least 50 washes on a garment, many times outlasting the clothing itself. As with screen printed garments, for best results, wash on a low heat setting with the garment turned inside out, and either air dry or choose a low heat drying setting. 



Digital Heat Transfers usually caters to smaller custom orders or projects that involve very detailed artwork with a high number of colours and shades. Our full colour print/cut digital heat transfer printing allows you to have full-colour artwork that features a print so crisp and exact, it can look like a photograph. 

With this decoration style your logo is printed directed onto a very thin vinyl transfer which is then weeded, masked and heat sealed onto a garment with one of our four professional grade heat presses.

 As your logo is printed onto this material, there will be a background behind your design which is typically white. Upon request we can match this background colour to the garment by extending the ink to the edges of the design.

The cost of using this decoration method doesn’t change based on the number of colours in your customized design, but varies depending on the size of area that needs to be covered. It is a great fit for quarter sized left chest prints on sweaters, polos and jackets.


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